Firebird Sail Panel Eagle Decals Trans Am Formula 93-97


What’s Included:

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  • 1 set of sail panel decals (2 total)

  • Each measures approximately 4.75″ x 3.35″

  • Installation instructions

  • Each decal is an individual piece.

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Firebird Sail Panel Eagle Decals

Decal Application Instructions (Firebird Sail Panel Eagle Decals)

1-Make sure your surface is clean and free of dust before applying. (Recommend rubbing alcohol to clean the surface)

  1. 2 methods of applying
  2. a) DRY – 1 shot deal – wherever you stick it, THATS IT!!
  3. b) WET – Lets you move it around a little before it sticks.

** Fill a spray bottle with water and add 3-4 drops of liquid dish soap. Shake a little and ready to go.

  1. A masking tape has been applied over your decal. Simply remove the whole decal from the backing paper with the masking tape.
  1. Spray the back of your decal with the water/soap spray.
  1. Apply the decal to desired surface (moving it to your specifications.
  1. Using a credit card or similar, press from the center outwards to get out any liquid and air bubbles. (Once you do this it will not move anymore)
  1. You can let it dry on its own for about 5 minutes or you can use a hair dryer on low and not for to long.
  1. Remove the masking tape from the decal, leaving you with the finished product.

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