Marco Antonio Aguilar

Marco Antonio’s current painting style is virtually self-taught. A true renaissance man, Marco has also won multiple awards for acting, directing, choreography and set design. He uses the play of light and shadow to create playful ocean creatures as well as land and seascapes that capture the imagination. He has also been known for his realistic Still Life paintings. Marco’s major inspiration comes from masters such as Maxfield Parrish, Albert Bierstadt and the other Hudson River School Artists.

“I am truly inspired by their belief that nature is an unexplainable manifestation of God,” says Marco, “and like these great artists, my work is influenced by romanticism utilizing luminism or effects with special lighting techniques to convey lofty emotions through contrast of light and dark. I am also fascinated with Asian artwork. I love the simplicity combined with the symbolism.” Marco lives in Lancaster, California with his wife Julie and their three young children. His collectors range from the United States to his native, Belize to Australia to Europe. He is also a proud member of the Ocean Artists Society, a unique alliance of the world’s top marine life artists, sculptors, painters, photographers and film-makers who foster a continued interest in the ocean arts and marine life issues. Through his artwork, Marco aspires to focus public awareness on the Earth’s natural beauty and the need for global conservation.


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