Decal Application Instructions


Make sure your surface is clean and free of dust before applying. We recommend rubbing alcohol to clean the surface.

Choose your method of application below.

  • a) DRY – 1 shot deal – wherever you stick it, THAT’S IT!!
  • b) WET – Lets you move it around a little before it sticks.

** Fill a spray bottle with water and add 3-4 drops of liquid dish soap. Shake a little and ready to go.

  • Masking tape has been applied over your decal. Simply remove the whole decal from the backing paper with the masking tape.
  • Spray the back of your decal with the water/soap spray.
  • Apply the decal to desired surface adjusting and moving it to your specifications.
  • Using a credit card or similar, press from the center outward to remove any liquid and air bubbles. Once you do this the decal will no longer by movable.
  • You can let it dry on its own for about 5 minutes or you can use a hair dryer on low, but NOT for too long.
  • Remove the masking tape from the decal. You’re finished!