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12 Gifts Your Fisherman Needs

12 Gifts Your Fisherman Needs

I moved to the Keys a little more than a year ago and love it! Surrounded by water, I figured there were a host of water activities the locals were indulging in, which there are: wakeboarding, kitesurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, snuba diving, water skiing (I get seriously funny looks when I say I want to do this. What? Like nobody water skies anymore?), jet skiing (correction, riding waving runners), spearfishing, diving and more that I can’t think of right now.

However, the main water activity I’ve come to realize is actually fishing. Go figure! Maybe it’s because I’ve only been fishing twice since I’ve been here and both looked like me hanging over the side of the boat green faced and puking. Too much info? I’m sure one day I’ll get my sea legs, but until then I think I’m better off promoting and offering products to the avid fishermen, not just in Florida, but everywhere.

Cell Phone Cases

Saltwater, freshwater, any water! Check out our variety of fish depicted on a cell phone of your choice. Choose from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5, iPhone 4, 5, 6, Note 2 & 3 and iPad cases.

Here are a few of our best sellers!

Summertime Snook - Jason Mathias -

Tarpon Sunset - Jason Mathias - Graphicsplus123.comSailfish Pair - Jason Mathias -

Mahi Mahi - Jason Mathias -

Blue Cruise - Jason Mathias -

Hogfish - Jason Mathias -





License Plates

Show off your catch or the one that got away or the one you hope to someday land! Our license plates are heavy duty aluminum metal, completely weatherproof with UV protection and moisture resistant technology to ensure the highest quality!

Jason Mathias


Blue Marlin IT

White Marlin - Jason Mathias -

Mahi Mahi - Jason Mathias













Fishing Lures

These lures are handmade in the Florida Keys by Betterbait Systems. If you’ve tried everything else with no luck, then you’ve gotta try these lures! FishMonster approved! Watch video review.

Betterbait Systems Lures -