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NASCAR Post-Race Throwdown: We’ve Got A Decal For That!

Disclaimer: We’re not NASCAR junkies nor do we claim to know anything about car racing including rules and such.

So, if you’ve watched the news for the past two days you may have seen the NASCAR post-race report featuring the knock-em-block-em-shove-match after the AAA Texas 500 complete with video. The jist of the argument seems to be that Jeff Gordon was knocked by Brad Keselowski (cars knocked first then heads later) and thereby, lost any chance of winning and possibly moving on to the season finale championship race on November 16 at Homestead, Florida.

There were 13 cautions in the final laps of the race although it’s unclear as to which drivers the cautions were aimed at. We’re thinking we don’t need the official documentation because it’s pretty obvious when cars are racing around a track at speeds upwards of 200 mph it’s common sense the drivers attempt to keep from bumping or hitting each other at all costs, right?

Take into consideration these cars cost a few hundred thousand each with at least $1-$2 million invested in the team after all is said and done including advertising and sponsorships for the team and on the car.

InfoGraphic Cost of Nascar Race
Infographic Steve Nelson/The Times-Union

Given this information, would a driver take to slamming into other cars in order to keep them from winning? Hm, maybe in demolition derby because that’s part of the rules…demolish.

Anyway, we don’t side with either driver. Gordon let his anger get the best of him and on national TV no less. He didn’t stop to think or care that people might get hurt around him due to his actions. Sadly, he also didn’t think about the fact that NASCAR is deemed “family entertainment” and, therefore, thousands of children also witnessed their favorite driver become angry over what? Racing.

With that we will leave you with our Decal of The Day courtesy of Keselowski and so many racing fans, “That’s just racing.” Click on the image to order and choose your color. Happy racing!

That's Just Racing Decal