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Wicked Skull Art Just In Time for Halloween

We’re pleased to offer Wicked Skull Art by Michael Spano of! Michael has been creating custom artwork and design for more than 30 years. By combining art and technology, he creates a unique style of hand drawn digital artwork. His art depicts a menacing, “don’t screw with me” attitude even in the inanimate objects in his pieces. Each piece speaks to the horror in each of us whether we’re afraid of death or envy the after life, there’s something for everyone!

Currently, we’re offering a few of Michael’s skull art designs printed on cell phone cases and beverage koozies with more products on the horizon. Choose from Wicked Voodoo Doctor, Evil Clown, Happy Pot Head, Wicked Insanity Flaming Skull, Evil Spartan Warrior and Wicked Skulls Bone Motorcycle. Custom orders accepted for printing on products you may not see in our catalog, so if you’ve got a request contact us! If you’ve got an idea for art you’d like to personally commission Michael to create please contact us and we will forward your details to Michael.

If you like Wicked, appreciate skulls and would like to support original art, then check out Michael’s work. For more, visit to see more of his extreme artwork.

Wicked Skull Art by Michael Spano