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Top 15 Autos & Motorcycles Displaying Patriotic Spirit

Being a custom graphics shop we’re always on the lookout for interesting and unique inspiration. Whether it be a decal, car wrap, intricate paint job or window cling we think it’s awesome to see what others are creating and displaying.

As we approach July 4th, we thought what better way to celebrate Independence Day than feature autos and motorcycles representing the American Spirit!

We’ve done our best to document and attribute photos and ownership, however, if you see your handy work please let us know and we’ll be happy to update our article.

Scroll to the end for the patriot motorcycles. Yep, we saved the best for last!

We hope you enjoy! Share your patriotic ride finds in the comments! 

57 Chevy with American Flag’57 Chevy with American Flag in flames. Photo: Flickr/SteveBrandon
Classic Race Car with Red White and Blue FlamesWe’re not sure about you, but we’re gonna pass on a race with this Patriot monster.
1968 PONTIAC FIREBIRD CUSTOM COUPE1968 Pontiac Firebird Custom CoupePhoto:
Classic Corvette with American Flag White Hall Drag O WayWe’re drooling over this classic Corvette dressed with American Flag captured during the White Hall Drag O Way.Photo:
Volkswagon VW Bug with American FlagLet’s hear it VW fans! We only wish we could drive this patriotic bug.
1985 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM Pro Street with Blower American Flag GraphicsYowza! This 1985 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM Pro Street is waiting for you!Photo:
Pontiac Trans Am with American Flag, Eagle and FlamesWe only wish we had more photos of this awesome Trans Am covered in flames and an eagle carrying the American flag. Too cool!
Classic Chevy truck with American Flag paint job.Can you say, “jealous?” That’s exactly what we are when looking at this classic Chevy truck. WOW!
Hot Rod with American FlagThis hot rod is one to admire with, not only for the paint job, but the condition! Wow!
2000 Mustang GT Patriotic American flag paint job2000 Mustang GT Patriotic painted with American flag.Photo: Neil Weisbond/Pinterest
AMC teamed with Hurst Performance to build less than 100 drag-race-only versions of the AMX, called the SS/AMXAMC teamed with Hurst Performance to build less than 100 drag-race-only versions of the AMX, called the SS/AMX. SWEET!
Classic Dodge Truck Painted with American FlagOldy but goody! This classic Dodge truck painted with an American flag is perfectly patriotic!
HondaRC51Superbike_Colin Edwards MotoGP 2002 Honda VTR1000, Laguna Seca special LiveryWe’re diggin’ the patriotic motorcycles too like this Honda RC51 Superbike owned by the famous Colin Edwards.
Honda sportbike with American flag.Check out this Honda with stars and stripes waving boldly. Let’s ride!
Nicky Hayden on Ducati MotoGPThe late Nicky Hayden on his patriotic Ducati sporting the American flag. We continue to mourn the loss of this talented rider.